Sea organ and Salutation to the Sun in Zadar

A unique combination of architecture and music, and the world-famous sea organ are located on the western part of the Zadar waterfront, in the immediate vicinity of Pozdrav Suncu, and stretch for 75 meters of the Zadar coast.

The sound of the organ is created under the influence of the energy of the sea, i.e. waves and tides. At the level of the lowest tide, 35 pipes of different lengths, diameters and inclinations are installed, and each of them “makes” different sounds under the influence of the sea. Acoustician and musician Ivica Stamać composed seven sound clusters of 2 alternating major chords (G and C6). The choice of tones and chords was made on the musical matrix of a klapa song.

The sea organ was officially opened on April 15, 2005 on the Zadar waterfront. In May 2006, architect Nikola Bašić won the European Award for Urban Public Space for the project of the Sea Organ in Zadar.

Salutation to the Sun consists of three hundred solar panels placed flush with the stone paving of the waterfront in the form of a circle with a diameter of 22 meters. In addition to the Sun, looking from the western side, and above the Sea Organ, there are also other planets of the Solar System.

Under the glass panels, there are photovoltaic solar modules through which symbolic communication with nature is achieved, with the aim that, as with the Sea Organ, communication is realized – there with sound, and here with light.

When the most beautiful sunset permeates Zadar’s waterfront, the light play of Sun Greeting takes place to the rhythm of the waves and the sounds of the Sea Organ.

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