Kitesurfing is a water sport, which involves using the power of the wind with a high-powered kite to pull the rider across the surface of the water. It combines aspects of paragliding, surfing, windsurfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and wakeboarding.

Velebit gave Nin a windstorm, an ideal wind for kitesurfing, and if there is no wind, the southerly wind can also be used, so the Nin Lagoon is an ideal place for this type of sport.

The kitesurfing season starts intensively from the beginning of May to the end of October. The summer months are ideal for beginners and for surfing and kitesurfing schools, and spring and autumn for the more experienced. Although less known in Croatia, kitesurfing is a sport, and like any sport and passion, of a large number of sea and wind lovers. Carried by wind and sail, about 16,000 of them from all over the world have gathered in one application, WOO, in which Nin is one of the places in the world where kitesurfers collect their precious points and with competitors from all over the world enter their results in several different competition categories.

Nin is not on this world list of kitesurfing locations by chance. According to Damir Veledar, head of Kiteboarding association “Adrenalin”, Nin was not chosen as the headquarters of the association by chance. After 17 years of activity, the wind brought the association to Nin as an ideal place for kitesurfing in Croatia, so Nin lagoon and Ždrijac beach record the best results of kitesurfers in Croatia, and the Croatian and Slovenian records were achieved precisely in Nin, on the Ždrijac beach.

From September 15 to October 15, Nin hosted the International Kitesurfing Regatta, but even after its completion, kites will be flying over the Nin Lagoon. If you are neither an athlete nor an adventurer, you can always be an enthusiastic spectator and enjoy the sea, wind, kites and Velebit on Nin’s beach.

Who says man can’t fly? Book our Villa Rita I, and try this unusual and adrenalin sport near the villa.

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