Lady of Loreto in Primošten

The statue of our lady of Loretoin Primošten is dedicated to our Lady of Loreto, the patron saint of Primošten,where it is located. The statue was inaugurated in 2017 for the feast of Ladyof Loreto.


Togetherwith the base, it is 17,30meters high,exactly a tenth of the „Gaj“ hill. The monument is made of concrete, hollow,you can see the interior, and the finish is mosaic, made of gold, silver andcolored glass. It is the largest such monument in the world. 

Each ringof this huge monument has its own story: 

The firstbegins with abstraction, while the second has a symbolic representation of thetree of life with the monograph „am“ as ave Maria. The third ring shows twohearts in mosaic, the fourth has the main motif of the birth of Jesus, whilethe fifth has irregular geometric shapes. The sixth part is the mystical rose,that is, the symbol of Mary and olives. On the lady’s head is an ancient Croatiancrown encrusted with precious stones, which is the family property of themosaicist Garčević.


Another thing that attracts numerous tourist isthe view from hill „Gaj“, and the cafe bar located there. While drinking your coffee, you have a breathtaking view.


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